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Fun Little Gym Bag!

Greetings all! I finally got frustrated last night with my silly little canvas bag and embarked on cranking out a new gym bag for myself. I had some ideas I have been wanting to try and finally sat down and did them. It has been a while since I have sat down and made something for -me-, so I was excited to get this done.

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Hello World!

HELLOOOOOOOO World! So, I realized it has been about a billion years since I updated my journal. My apologies. Hopefully I will be able to put together a few project dump posts. I am working on trying to remember all the stuff I've done in the past year and put them together into a post based on type (quilts, costumes, etc).

Just wanted to say "Hi!" And "I'm not dead, I swear!" Work has been crazy stressful in the past 6 months, and I am trying to now catch up on neglected things, like this blog.

Hope everyone else is doing most well!


Balticon 2010 and More Stuff!

My Balticon updates are always so late, sorry guys!
(Edit: Borked links fixed!)

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Occasionally I find a costumer that makes me question my skills, abilitys, and what the hell do I think I am doing?

This is one of them. Sometimes I dont even know why one designer will make me question myself over another. Meh.

Also, I need NEED NEEEEEEEEEEEEED to make this into a dress. Or into SOMETHING.

Rolled Hem Foot

Wow. I got myself one of these:

I was finally using it last night instead of just playing around. OMG. Best 30 some odd dollars I have spent in a long time.

I was using it on a polyester sheer fabric and HOOOOLY crap. Hemming sheer polyester is a B*TCH, and I've never been happy with it. Also, the rolled hem on my serger is great in most cases, but I don't always want that solid edge look. But this? This is like, a dream come true. ^_^ I will say using it on sheer and lightweight fabric is NOT beginner sewing. It is not as easy as it looks. It gets fussy, stops pulling through the curvy part that does the actual fold over and generally can make a nuisance of itself if you don't watch it like a hawk. For light weight stuff I have to use a zig-zag stitch. For heavier stuff it folds over better and I can use a straight stitch and get this AMAZING tight little hem.

Also, I found out how to feed fishing line into it and get those amazingly huge loopy hems. I've been trying to figure those out for YEARS! Like this! Tried doing it on my serger and could NEVER get it to work. Voila!

SCORE! ^_^

Balticon Update: OMG. SO MUCH TO DO AHHHH!! But really? When am I NOT sewing last minute? =op Should be a really fun presentation this year, with the bonus of my costumes being re-sell-able - that's a first!! ^_^


Ugh. I full on BROKE my darn frames last night. No fixy. Besides the fact that I needed to get my prescription updated anyhow, I hate frame shopping. Possibly more than shoe shopping. AND I am wearing my previous pair, which are just slightly different, not to mention much older. There is just enough of a difference that I am going bonkers with a slight fish bowl look and they are giving me a slight headache. Stupid astigmatism.

Griping over. >_<

Enjoy the following "Sarah Palin Network":

Anyone want...

A futon frame? I have a big solid wood full sized futon frame. No mattress. I was using it as a bed frame and then got a new mattress and box spring and they don't fit any more. Any interest? I need to get it out of the house.


Updates, from me? OMG!

Good lord it has been a long time. Sorry guys!

Updates! I cleaned my sewing room. AHHAHAHHA! It is CLEAN! It still has some little stuff that needs to be figured out, but on the whole - rearranged and usable again. SCORE.

I have some little projects I need to work on (like some curtains). I also have some belly dance costumes I have to finish altering by the end of the weekend. Yaaay extra cash for student loans!

AND I have my first commission for a full belly dance costume. Needed by June 5th and loosely based around some Tango dress ideas. It will be SCHMEXY!! I did discussion with the client (aka my instructor ^_~) last night and got a better idea of what she wants, then took her concept and made it AWESOME. She is SO excited, and I am excited to get it started. I have some...trepidations about the bra because I have not done one before, but the skirt and dance belt will not be a problem. At all. Because I am awesome. And apparently egotistical. XD

I also have some ideas for Balticon - but it would mostly be a "fun" presentation more than anything. IF I get it done. The concept is really loose and focuses around me DYING to be on stage in a belly dance costume. If I can get it done, it would be awesome, and the concept is either A) re-sellable to all those dancers who will slobber all over it and B) a prototype to make another one for someone else in another color. If it works, I will be a god of costuming. If not, I'll look like a really bad flower-bedecked skanky pageant wanna-be. =op

I have a ROCKING idea for Costume con 2011. I know focal points I want, and I know what needs to happen, but I am not yet sure how to MAKE it happen. This costume will focus on a strong point and weak point of mine.

Strong point: Transformation on stage. I have this stupid weird lust to transform things ON STAGE. I have NO idea why, but I have done it twice before (Sleeping Beauty and 4 Seasons), plus a third in concept (I made it reversible!) and a fourth in prop movement (yay wings!). Trend, eh?

Weak point: detail work. I am going to make this elegant, elaborate and detailed, which is something I seem to lack in a lot of what I do. I go back, it looks cool, but there are those little extra touches that would make something super awesome that I just MISS. Or think about 3 months after the costume is done. This set will be about making sure I have almost TOO much decoration, and the concept allows for over-ornamentation.

In other news: I have a new car! YAY! My grandfather was getting rid of his (no, not free -_-;) and it is a billion times better than the poor Ford I was driving that was falling to pieces every time I got in. We have a new mattress (my old one was like...25 years old) but it has ISSUES *grumble*. The warranty people should be out Saturday to look at it. Pfeh.

Hope everyone else is doing well!

My first quilt!

My first quilt!

I finally finished my first quilt! This is under lock because I just mailed it to Mark’s mom – it is an early Christmas gift! She just bought a house and it was designed to go in the living room on her new loveseat. I can’t wait to see what she thinks of it!

It is 67” X 67” finished. I know, it doesn’t LOOK square, but it is. It has cotton batting and is very warm!

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*Sigh* I really need to come up with something good to make (on a semi-massed produced level) that will SELL, not cost me TOO much work but will be awesome.

I had ideas for these awesome fleece blankets I make, but they use almost 5 yards of fleece which gets expensive. I don't mind the initial expense, but I cant really sell a fleece blanket (no matter how many rave reviews from friends who have bought them from me) for $50-$70.

Bleh. Maybe I'll try monster pillows again or something...*sigh* Or do fleece pillows or something.

I could try quilts I guess....