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Updates, from me? OMG!

Good lord it has been a long time. Sorry guys!

Updates! I cleaned my sewing room. AHHAHAHHA! It is CLEAN! It still has some little stuff that needs to be figured out, but on the whole - rearranged and usable again. SCORE.

I have some little projects I need to work on (like some curtains). I also have some belly dance costumes I have to finish altering by the end of the weekend. Yaaay extra cash for student loans!

AND I have my first commission for a full belly dance costume. Needed by June 5th and loosely based around some Tango dress ideas. It will be SCHMEXY!! I did discussion with the client (aka my instructor ^_~) last night and got a better idea of what she wants, then took her concept and made it AWESOME. She is SO excited, and I am excited to get it started. I have some...trepidations about the bra because I have not done one before, but the skirt and dance belt will not be a problem. At all. Because I am awesome. And apparently egotistical. XD

I also have some ideas for Balticon - but it would mostly be a "fun" presentation more than anything. IF I get it done. The concept is really loose and focuses around me DYING to be on stage in a belly dance costume. If I can get it done, it would be awesome, and the concept is either A) re-sellable to all those dancers who will slobber all over it and B) a prototype to make another one for someone else in another color. If it works, I will be a god of costuming. If not, I'll look like a really bad flower-bedecked skanky pageant wanna-be. =op

I have a ROCKING idea for Costume con 2011. I know focal points I want, and I know what needs to happen, but I am not yet sure how to MAKE it happen. This costume will focus on a strong point and weak point of mine.

Strong point: Transformation on stage. I have this stupid weird lust to transform things ON STAGE. I have NO idea why, but I have done it twice before (Sleeping Beauty and 4 Seasons), plus a third in concept (I made it reversible!) and a fourth in prop movement (yay wings!). Trend, eh?

Weak point: detail work. I am going to make this elegant, elaborate and detailed, which is something I seem to lack in a lot of what I do. I go back, it looks cool, but there are those little extra touches that would make something super awesome that I just MISS. Or think about 3 months after the costume is done. This set will be about making sure I have almost TOO much decoration, and the concept allows for over-ornamentation.

In other news: I have a new car! YAY! My grandfather was getting rid of his (no, not free -_-;) and it is a billion times better than the poor Ford I was driving that was falling to pieces every time I got in. We have a new mattress (my old one was like...25 years old) but it has ISSUES *grumble*. The warranty people should be out Saturday to look at it. Pfeh.

Hope everyone else is doing well!
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