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Rolled Hem Foot

Wow. I got myself one of these:

I was finally using it last night instead of just playing around. OMG. Best 30 some odd dollars I have spent in a long time.

I was using it on a polyester sheer fabric and HOOOOLY crap. Hemming sheer polyester is a B*TCH, and I've never been happy with it. Also, the rolled hem on my serger is great in most cases, but I don't always want that solid edge look. But this? This is like, a dream come true. ^_^ I will say using it on sheer and lightweight fabric is NOT beginner sewing. It is not as easy as it looks. It gets fussy, stops pulling through the curvy part that does the actual fold over and generally can make a nuisance of itself if you don't watch it like a hawk. For light weight stuff I have to use a zig-zag stitch. For heavier stuff it folds over better and I can use a straight stitch and get this AMAZING tight little hem.

Also, I found out how to feed fishing line into it and get those amazingly huge loopy hems. I've been trying to figure those out for YEARS! Like this! Tried doing it on my serger and could NEVER get it to work. Voila!

SCORE! ^_^

Balticon Update: OMG. SO MUCH TO DO AHHHH!! But really? When am I NOT sewing last minute? =op Should be a really fun presentation this year, with the bonus of my costumes being re-sell-able - that's a first!! ^_^
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