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Balticon 2010 and More Stuff!

My Balticon updates are always so late, sorry guys!
(Edit: Borked links fixed!)

As a note, I had an argument with Photobucket, and it will not upload my photos *growlsnarl*. So, they are on flicker, with a link below the image to a bigger/better version of the same thing. -_-;

So! I went to Balticon this past Memorial Day weekend and had a GREAT time!!

I entered a 4 piece costume set for the masquerade titled “Music, Water, Woods”. The concept was having music students from a music school (think fantasy setting) come out into the woods to practice, and their presence and music drawing out watery and woodsy spirits and tempting them to dance and frolic with the music from these students. I think it came out very nicely.

Thanks to Chris and Lauren Kochel and my sister Sharyn for putting up with my insanity and helping me out a TON. Chris for music and instruments, Lauren for dance, and Sharyn for all the last minute shit that ALWAYS seems to happen.

My music students. They look so cute! And they look EXACTLY how I pictured them! They both have a little feather accent. Chris’ is a pin on his vest, Sharyn has hers in her hair. I have no idea why I –needed- to make those, but they are perfect.

I would also like to say they did a fantastic job “fake” playing. Chris put the drums in the music, but Sharyn’s “hammered dulcimer” is actually cracked in the back and un-playable. After the show, people complimented them on being fantastic musicians and had to be corrected that it was all the overhead speakers. Super big thanks to Chris and Sharyn just for being damn awesome.

Lauren in her woodsy costume, whoo sexy! This was supposed to be my simple, less expensive costume and I actually like it better than the other which was way more expensive in materials. Go fig. This overall design is pretty much nothing like my original concept, but I like it better this way. Polyester sheer and taffeta, metallic tissue lame, acryclic rhinestone, hand beadwork all over the place, and stretch velvet make this up.

Lauren had gotten a huge fish tattoo on her back the weekend before, and I did not want to cover a new tatt with makeup, so I came up with some drapy vines. I didn’t care that it was there, I just needed the image broken up so she wasn’t wearing a fish while I was the water!

And me in my watery costume. The pics do not do the sparkle justice. There is a TON of rhinestones and rhinestone chain that is SO glittery that just didn’t show. Also, the photos take some of the shine out of the blue silk. It is not as flat in person as it is in the photos. *sigh* Ahh well….

The back

Skirt is about 12 yards of silk, dark blue silk and metallic lame. Three layers, 1.5 circle each layer give or take on the double layer of blue silk. Belt is blue satin as the base and rhinestones like crazy. This is probably the most expensive thing I have made.

This costume looks EXACTLY like I pictured it in my head when I first came up with this concept. Score!

Look at us together, Awwww! I know we confused people in the greenroom because they had NO idea how these very different costumes were going to mesh!

I did not win any workmanship awards for this set. However, I won best in Class, Masters. The Masquerade was amazing this year. The novices especially were jaw-dropping. It made me very glad I was not starting out this year. In fact, I was pretty sure I was competing against a few of them when I saw them in the greenroom!

Music, Water, Woods (youtube link)

And the video! Yay Youtube! Tell me what you think! I love feedback ^__^

Both costumes are for sale as soon as I do some internal touchups. If they don’t sell, then they are just work I can show people up close to show my workmanship for future commissions. I’d love the get them off my hands though ^_^.

I also made a costume for my belly dance performance a week later, but not for me. For my instructor who was doing a solo. I unfortunately do not have pictures yet, but as soon as I get them I’ll show ya! It was a black and red tango inspired costume and was GORGEOUS if I do say so myself. Covered in rhinstones, large stones, and rhinestone chain. It looked amazing on stage, and she looked amazing dancing in it! Go me!

I spent last week doing, well, nothing. Except watching James Bond movies and reading, it was a fairly relaxing week which ‘ended’ with me going to Kings Dominion with my brother and his wife which was a GREAT afternoon!

Now I need to catch up on stuff! I have a bunch of little projects I need to complete and get off my plate. Along with that I need to clean my sewing room and related areas like crazy. It always seems to be a HUGE mess after a convention. Bleh!

After that, I have a potential wedding dress commission, Otakon coming up in July (yay ears and tails and whatever else I can whip together -_-;), some costume stuff for Mark that I want done (he is aiming to release his game system next year and the related costume would be perfect for convention launches) as well as my own little designs that have been sitting in the back of my head.

On top of that, Costume Con is in Jersey next May. I sooo cannot miss it. I really want to do something for the big masquerade as well as being tempted by the Single Pattern Contest. Remember this outfit I did for my last Single Pattern competition? Yeah, I still get comments on it.

This pattern is the one of the three options that I would pick for this Single Pattern (the other was a simple vest and a coat, bleh). I loooooove this dress, but I have yet to be smacked upside the head with some sort of stunning concept. Workin’ on it – we’ll see if anything comes to me. Any suggestions anyone? Remember, keep as much of the pattern as possible while changing as much as possible to give anew look is the motto I aim for.

Haha, look at me blather. I doubt any of you read all of this, so if you got this far, cookie for you! ^_^
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