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Fun Little Gym Bag!

Greetings all! I finally got frustrated last night with my silly little canvas bag and embarked on cranking out a new gym bag for myself. I had some ideas I have been wanting to try and finally sat down and did them. It has been a while since I have sat down and made something for -me-, so I was excited to get this done.

Made from 100% cotton duck cloth and 100% quilting cotton. Both zippers are heavy duty zippers I snitched from old laptop bags that were being thrown out at work. The bottom zipper tabs even say "Dell". Yay free zippers! The whole thing is washable also, so if it gets too rank or dirty it can get cleaned!

Overall Bag
Gym bag

Front pocket with magnetic clasp
Front Pocket

I know the side pieces that the zipper is connected to don't quite line up. I didn't realize it until after I had done all the top stitching, and decided I did not care since this was for my personal use.

Main pouch with one side pocket
Top Compartment

Shoe compartment
Shoe Compartment

I particularly wanted to try making a shoe compartment because I really hate having to throw my smelly and sometimes dirty (from jogging outside) shoes in with the rest of my stuff. So, voila!

Changes for future models: I will not put piping between the shoe compartment and top part. The piping cord gets wiggly with all the layers there and is a pain in the tush to fight with. It is also SUPER THICK and I had to pull out my old heavy duty machine to get through that mess. Instead, a line of bias tape or a bias tab between layers for the color pop, which will also remove some of the thickness in that seam and make for easier sewing. Also, the shoe compartment surged seams on the inside will be bias-bound to look cleaner. For myself I do not care that it is a bunch of serged seams.

I am excited to haul this to the gym tomorrow for the first time.

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