Alright ladies and gents, I’m stuck. I need costume concepts for both Balticon this year and Costume Con ‘next’ year (2011).

I’m totally brain dumb on Balticon 2010. If I can’t come up with something fun, I’ll work on putting stuff together to sell in the art show if nothing else.

I have some ideas for a historical costume for Costume Con, and I may or may not be inspired for the Fashion Folio or Single Pattern again. We’ll see. But I have NOTHING for the big masquerade and I need something KICK. ASS. For any of you (if there are any of you? *taps monitor*) from GCFCG, I am all for doing joint costumes. But my brain is dead! I need to start coming up with some concepts and get crackin’ on the costumes! YIKES!

I want something spectacular, and after my Sleeping Beauty, nothing seems awesome enough. And no, I am not re-doing Sleeping Beauty. It took me 2 years of work and some flipping around ideas before that before it even came close to the stage. Not doin’ it again. Also, all the dresses are either given away, not available to me, or need some MAJOR repair work. Sleeping Beauty would have to be completely re-done, and the green fairy is a mess. The blue dress was given away, and I am not sure I’d have access to the red one, so I’d have to make it again. Nu-huh.

Also, after Costume-Con 1889 and Destination Libation I'm feeling like I don't want to touch Steam Punk. Those sets also made me kinda curl into a corner and go "OMG. Those are so cool. I can't be that cool! Ack!!"

I have some “put away for a rainy day” costume ideas, but nothing is ringing my chimes right now and I am feeling “bleh” about it all.
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Buffy Vs. Edward

I am not a fan of Twilight. It hurts my brain in weird and bizarre, and bad, ways. That being said, I've never watched Buffy the TV show either. And yet, this is hilarious, even for those of you that ARE Twilight fans. XD Enjoy!

Buffy Vs. Edward
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Costume Con Post and Pics!

Hey All!

Right, so my con report and photos of my latest creations are late. Really late. I’m really sorry!! I know I promised these earlier for those of you who have been asking, but things just keep catching up with me.

Anyhow, as most of you know I went to Costume Con 27 at the beginning of May. I created an entry for the Single Pattern Contest and an entry for the Future Fashion Folio. Both of these were then re-presented as Not In Competition at the Balticon 43 Masquerade.

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Dear Brain,

Shut up. Please. Stop giving me ideas that I have no time for.

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Seeing Powerisers used in a costume has only increased my lust of stilts and wanting a pair. There is another home-made option I also want to play with for costuming purposes.

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I am sorry, All!!

Hey All,

I want to apologize for not getting Costume Con Pics up like I promised. I am going NUTS with all sorts of crazy work (May always winds up being the busiest month for me, costumes or no!), and my scanner at work here is angry with me, so scanning ground to a halt. *sigh* I will try my best to get them up soon!

In other news, anyone any good at scrap booking? I decided I need to put together my costume photos with write ups so I have a binder to show so I don't have to go "uyyyymmm that was umm...Balticon...38. yeah." As if I need another damn summer project.
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